Fame vs Shame

Fame vs Shame

What is the Fame vs Shame card?

Gather innovation examples and analyse what makes them strong or weak.

It’s always nice to be inspired by brilliant design and creativity happening elsewhere, but sometimes exploring how other people have messed up is even more valuable.

How to use the Fame vs Shame card

1. In preparation for this session, ask everyone to find one example of “good” innovation that solves a similar problem to the one you’re focussing on, and one example of “bad” innovation in your space.

These could be content, products or services that launched a while ago (so their success or failure might be obvious), or new ideas that have only just entered the market (so you’ll need to speculate about how they’ll perform).

2. When you get together, display these examples on a wall of fame/shame.

Spend 10 minutes discussing the examples on each side of the wall (20 minutes in total). For references on the fame side, you can prompt people to suggest what might make the idea even stronger. For references on the shame side, you can prompt people to find hidden potential: “We know its flaws, but what may be good or promising about this idea?” Keep asking “what else?” if responses dry up.

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