Be Distinctive

Be Distinctive - Pip Decks

What is a Be Distinctive session?

Find distinctive, memorable ideas to help you stand out.

This session helps you identify obvious or conventional approaches, so you can leave them behind and come up with something extraordinary.

How do you run the Be Destinctive session?

Use the following sequence of tactics:

1. Worst Idea Race

Worst Ideas Race - Pip DecksAim for utterly ridiculous ideas.

2. Yes, and...

Yes, and... - Pip DecksDiscover more possibilities by building on your ideas.

3. T-Bar

T-Bar - Pip DecksDescribe one or more promising ideas in detail.

4. Analogous Inspiration

Analogous Inspiration - Pip DecksLook outside your bubble for a better chance of standing out.

5. Lotus Blossoms

Lotus BlossomsExplore fresh ideas based on new things you’ve observed.


SICFAM - Pip DecksRank ideas to find the gold.

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