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What is the Like/Not Like card?

Explore what properties your idea shares with other things, and what makes your idea stand apart, to make your thinking clearer.

We make sense of the world by making connections and comparisons; Tim Berners-Lee said that “in an extreme view the world can be seen only as connections, nothing else”. This card can’t guarantee you a deeper appreciation of the fabric of existence, but it will help you describe your idea in a way that’s easier for others to understand.

How to use the Like/Not Like card

Tip: this works best as a group activity, ideally with enough participants to divide into smaller sub-teams.

1. Select an idea to explore, then put “Like” /“Not Like” headings on your wall:

2. Split your group into small teams of 2 or 3, then give each team 20 minutes to come up with a few things the idea is “Like” (these could be products, services, brands, films, songs, or anything your imaginations can connect). This may spark some debate within the group – “do we really want to be like [x]?”.

3. Give teams another 20 minutes to add some “Not Like” references. Once again, debate should be expected and welcomed; any examples that don’t reach consensus should go in the middle.

4. Bring everyone back together and invite each team to spend 5 minutes sharing what they came up with, briefly explaining why they put each thing under whichever heading.

Optional: use Invest Your PipCoins to democratically decide which references to use as inspiration, and which things to differentiate against.

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