Get to Fully-Baked

Get to Fully-Baked - Pip Decks

What is a Get to Fully-Baked Session?

Turn a half-cooked idea into something ready to test for real.

Do you have an idea that feels like it has potential, but needs more thought? Perhaps it feels too vague to share with others? This session will help you devise something more clear and considered.

How to run the Get to Fully-Baked Session?

Use the following sequence of tactics:

1. Fence the Playground

Fence the Playground - Pip DecksSet some deliberate constraints to make developing your idea easier.

2. 6-3-5

6-3-5 - Pip DecksUse this method to come up with 100 possible names for your idea.

3. Storyboard

Storyboard - Pip DecksSketch the key moments of your idea in 6 steps.

4. Yes, and...

Yes, and... - Pip DecksPush the best elements further.

5. Concerns, Confusions, Conflicts

Concerns, Confusions, Conflicts - Pip DecksStress-test your thinking and tighten up your idea.

6. T-Bar

T-Bar - Pip DecksCapture your idea in a format anyone can grasp.

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