Debate Club

Debate Club - Pip Decks

What is a Debate Club session?

Discover stronger ideas by challenging each other.

Vigorous, honest debate has its place in a healthy creative process. This recipe is for teams that already have a strong sense of shared purpose and trust.

How do you run the Debate Club session?

Use the following sequence of tactics:

1. Fame vs Shame

Fame vs Shame - Pip DecksEncourage subjective judgements and good-natured debate.

2. Crazy Eights

Crazy Eights - Pip DecksGenerate lots of ideas. Pick one to take forward using Invest Your PipCoins.

3. Whichtopia

Two groups; one focus on positives with Like, Wish, Wonder, one look for problems with Concerns, Confusions, Conflicts. Then debate your idea.

4. Like/Not Like

Like/Not Like - Pip DecksRefine your idea through comparison.

5. ProvocaPrompts

ProvocaPrompts - Pip DecksConfront questions like “why should anyone care?” before you get too comfortable.

6. Angels and Demons

Angels and Demons - Pip DecksHave a vigorous dialogue about the forces that might cause failure or success.

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