PPP #18: Want to know a secret?

PPP #18: Want to know a secret?
Pip’s Practical Prompts Newsletter
Sent by Charles Burdett


Go deep.

Have you ever had a deep conversation with someone and walked away feeling energised?

To be a good leader, you should have these sorts of conversations all the time.


Simple. Give people your full attention. Don't talk. Listen. 

You will see the difference.

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Keep thinking.

“The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas.”

— Linus Pauling

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Hook ’em in.

Want to know a secret?

The best story in the world is no use if you can't get people to listen, click on your link or open your email.

You need a hook: something that makes us want to find out more.

(The opening line to this prompt was a hook!)

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One of the few newsletters I look forward to.
— Dave Cunningham, Head of DesignOps @ NHS