PPP #19: Your opinions mean nothing

PPP #19: Your opinions mean nothing
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Sent by Charles Burdett


Finding your way as a group.

Need to make a group decision?

Draw a map.

No, really.

Map-building workshops are great for creating a visual representation of the diverse perspectives you’re likely to have on a project.

Once you have your map, group decision making will become much easier.

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More text = more boring.

When giving a presentation, remember your audience can read faster than you can speak. If you've got a slide full of text, they'll start reading and stop listening.


Use MINIMAL text. Let your slides support your story rather than tell it for you!

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Nothing is valid until it’s been tested.

“Let’s find out” should be the mantra of all UX designers.

It takes real skill to remove your opinion and allow evidence to dictate your design... but it's far more impactful than trying to convince everyone you know what's best.

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