PPP #41: 3 simple elements inside every great story 

PPP #41: 3 simple elements inside every great story 
Pip’s Practical Prompts Newsletter
Sent by Charles Burdett


3 simple elements

The best stories have:

1. Protagonists that relate to us

2. Conflicts that grip us

3. Emotions that move us

Harness these 3 simple elements, and your stories will be more powerful than you can imagine.

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Save time and...

Minimise meetings.

If you can figure something out via email or Slack, take advantage of that time-saving resource instead.

When you run a meeting, make sure it’s structured to maximise outcomes. 

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Play dominoes

The best way to be productive: choosing your tasks wisely.

Try to find your ’domino task’ — the task that will have the greatest impact on your goals/life by creating a domino effect of action.

Eg. Going to the gym = better sleep = more focus at work 

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