PPP #44: How to be a confident leader

PPP #44: How to be a confident leader
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Team questions

No team is perfect but should strive to answer 'yes' to 4 simple questions:

1. Are opinions openly shared?

2. Are meetings productive?

3. Are decisions made efficiently?

4. Are problems solved quickly? 

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An underrated skill

Active listening is an underrated skill in workshop facilitation.

You need to guide the flow of discussion but not at the cost of ignoring inputs from your participants.

Show your team member that you've considered their point before moving on to the next. 

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How to be a confident leader

Total confidence is a myth.

Want to know the difference between you and your confident-seeming colleague?

They're able to take action and project confidence, even if they're feeling terrified inside.

It's a skill that can be learnt through practice.

Try it.

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