PPP #39: Your life is your greatest teacher

PPP #39: Your life is your greatest teacher
Pip’s Practical Prompts Newsletter
Sent by Charles Burdett


Mine your experiences

The best way to teach is by telling a story about a transformative moment in your life when you learnt a lesson.

If you don’t think your life is interesting enough to do that, you're not looking hard enough. 

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Support from above 

No one wants to be micro-managed; they want to be empowered.

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Keep it clear

A lack of clarity can cause a lack of productivity.

To combat this, clarify your:

1. Long-term goals
2. Daily task list
3. Strengths
4. Weaknesses

This depth of clarity will help you not only see where you want to go but what you need to overcome to get there.

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— Dave Cunningham, Head of DesignOps @ NHS