How to get started with the Storyteller Tactics

How to get started with the Storyteller Tactics

So you've bought Storyteller Tactics, but you're not sure where to start. Don't worry: there are LOTS of resources to help.

Check the blog:

Here are the best articles to help a beginner get started. I've listed the simplest ones first, with some longer reads towards the end:

Read a case study:

Great blog posts here and here where customers like you explain how they used Storyteller Tactics. 

Join the Community:

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Come and join a whole community of storytellers on the Pip Decks Slack channel. Read the #storyteller-tactics thread, pick up some ideas or post your own question and lots of people will suggest answers.

Try a five day challenge:

Follow these five steps and make your conversations, emails and meetings more story-ish.

Take a video tour:

Ask yourself “what problem am I trying to solve?” Perhaps you’ve got a client who doesn’t get Agile working, or an important pitch coming up. Perhaps you’re suffering from… The Curse of Knowledge!

What’s the Curse? Well, the more we know about a topic, the harder it is for us to imagine not knowing. The harder you’ve worked to become an expert, the harder it can be to explain yourself to non-experts. Stories can help you bridge that gap.

There is a video guide for each tactic if you subscribe to the Vault along with Miro/Mural whiteboards.

Follow a Recipe

Read the front of each Story Recipe card - then pick the recipe that most closely matches the problem you’re trying to solve. If you need to persuade a client to wait until you’ve done proper research - ok, try the Stories that Convince recipe. You need them to back your idea: try Stories that Sell.  Each recipe card links to five tactics - so you can create a workshop that will take about 90 mins to work through. By the end, you’ll have a range of new stories to try.

If you’re not sure which story will help you solve your problem, go through each of the Recipe cards and pick the recipe that looks most useful.

Desert Island Cards

Or you can try starting with our Desert Island Cards. (If we could only take seven cards to the mythical island, these are the ones)


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