Story Bank

Story Bank

What is the Story Bank story tactic?

"Keep track of your stories-and the information behind them-if you don't want to lose our trust.

When you've got a good story, you're the centre of attention. But if you bore us or break a confidence, you'll lose our trust. You need a collection of useful stories (think of them as your data). But you also need information about those stories (meta-data) if you don't want to mess up. You need a Story Bank.

Tip: put your Story Bank into a collaborative online space so you can share stories across your team.

How to use the Story Bank story tactic

We mess up when we tell stories that are:

  • Boring: tell the same story twice to the same person
  • Disrespectful: wasting the audience's time
  • Gossipy: repeat a story we were told in confidence
  • Stolen: pass someone else's story off as our own
  • Stale: a story that's past its sell-by date

You need a Story Bank to avoid these pitfalls. Use a notebook or spreadsheet with these headings:

  • What's the story? (keywords are usually all you need)
  • Why would I tell this story? What's the point?
  • Who might find this story useful?
  • Who have I told this story to already?
  • Whose story is it? Is it OK for me to share it?
  • Is this story still up to date?

If you create an online Story Bank, you can link to posts, articles and shared documents that give the full story.

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