Stories That Convince

Stories that Convince

What is the Stories that Convince story recipe?

Explain years of experience and hours of research to a non-expert audience. Get them to back your judgement.

It's annoying: you can have all the facts at your fingertips, but still people won't listen. Maybe it's your fault. Are you overloading your audience with data? Have you turned an exciting process of discovery into a dull spreadsheet? Do we know enough about you to trust your judgement?

How do you use the Stories that Convince story recipe?


1. Three is the Magic Number

Three Great Conflicts style story tactic

Put your audience first. How many facts can you expect them to remember?


2. That's Funny

That's Funny explore story tactic

Share the excitement behind your own insights.


3. Data Detectives

Data Detectives explore story tactic

Handle your facts in a story-ish way.


4. Trust Me, I'm an Expert

Trust Me, I'm an Expert character story tactic

Show us why we should trust you.


5. Hero & Guide

Hero & Guide character story tactic

Put yourself in the story as the Expert Guide, helping us on our way.


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