Stories That Motivate

Stories that Motivate

What is the Stories that Motivate story recipe?

Get people behind you. Persuade us to take a leap of faith and support your idea.

When you want things to change, you'll need to show us a plan: the details of your idea. But that's not enough. We also want to know what's driving you. After all, you're asking us to trust you, to follow you into the unknown.

How do you use the Stories that Motivate story recipe?

1. The Dragon & the City

The Dragon & the City concept story tactic

What are you trying to achieve?
Big picture stuff.

2. Drive Stories

Drive Stories character story tactic

What's motivating you?
What might motivate us too?

3. Three Great Conflicts

Three Great Conflicts concept story tactic

What's stopping you?
What barriers must you overcome?

4. Innovation Curve

Innovation Curve structure story tactic

Reassure us about the risks you're asking us to take.

5. No Easy Way

No Easy Way structure story tactic

Give us a realistic idea of the journey ahead.

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