Stories That Connect

Stories that Connect

What is the Stories that Connect story recipe?

Walk a mile in another person's shoes. Stories are a great way to see things from a different point of view.

How can you make the right product or service for someone if you don't really know them? How can you lead a team if you don't listen to your colleagues? Stories can plug us into other people's thoughts, feelings and experiences. Stories build empathy, and empathy helps you build better ideas.

How do you use the Stories that Connect story recipe?

1. Story Listening

Story Listening explore story tactic

Reach out to people by listening to the wisdom contained in their stories.

2. Abstractions

Abstractions explore story tactic

Don't just ask questions. Watch how people behave too.

3. Universal Stories

Universal Stories concept story tactic

Look for common ground and shared experiences.

4. Story-ish Conversations

Story-ish Conversations function story tactic

Start looking for stories in everyday situations.

5. Circle of Life

Circle of Life concept story tactic

Develop relatable stories based on characters and journeys we all recognise.

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