The Dragon and the City

The Dragon and the City

What is the Dragon & the City story tactic?

Explain your project as if it's an epic adventure. Get people excited about your plan of action.

There's a dragon outside the city walls.
Your world is no longer safe. What should you do?

Escape: How does the journey begin: a deliberate choice, forced or accidental?
Defend: What are the dangers here? What are the opportunities?
Attack: How does your Hero feel the pull of Home?

Each option has risks and rewards. Just like your prototype.

Try this version of a story after Three Great Conflicts tactic.

How to use the Dragon & the City story tactic

1. What is your City?

  • What is good and valuable in the status quo?
  • What is wrong, unfair or wasteful?
  • Who's in charge? Who do you need to persuade to act?

2. What is your Dragon?

  • Where is the threat coming from?
  • How has it been allowed to get this bad?
  • Is there an opportunity here? (Dragons hoard gold!)

3. Escape

  • Where would you go?
  • What should you take with you?
  • What's the cost of abandoning the city?

4. Defend

  • What is worth defending in the old city?
  • How can you strengthen your walls?
  • Walls protect, but they also restrict. What's the cost of staying put?

5. Attack

  • What's yous best line of attack?
  • What are yous chances of winning?
  • What's the reward and is it worth the risk?

Use What's It About? to bring your Dragon story into the real world.

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