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The Dragon and the City

From Episode 14 of the weekly Storyteller Tactics episodes

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What is the Dragon and the City story tactic?

There's a dragon outside the city walls. Your world is no longer safe. What should you do?

Imagine you live in a safe place: a walled city.

A threat emerges: the dragon. You have three choices:

Escape: find a safer place to live.

Defend: strengthen the city walls.

Attack: take on the dragon before he gets stronger.

Each option has risks and rewards. Just like your project.


Tip: Try this version of a story after Three Great Conflicts tactic.


How to use The Dragon and the City

1. What is your City? 

  • What is good and valuable in the status quo? 
  • What is wrong, unfair or wasteful?
  • Who's in charge? Who do you need to persuade to act?

2. What is your Dragon?

  • Where is the threat coming from?
  • How has it been allowed to get this bad?
  • Is there an opportunity here? (Dragons usually hoard gold!)

3. Escape

  • Where would you go?
  • What should you take with you?
  • What's the cost of abandoning the city?

4. Defend

  • What is worth defending in the old city?
  • How can you strengthen your walls?
  • Walls protect, but they also restrict. What's the cost of staying put?

5. Attack

  • What's your best line of attack?
  • What are your chances of winning?
  • What's the reward and is it worth the risk?

You are the hero who must decide how to face the unknown. You must navigate between the world of The City (safe, but limited) and The Dragon (threatening but full of potential). And you must persuade others to come with you on the adventure.


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