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Pitch Perfect

What is the Pitch Perfect tactic?

Your pitch must answer two questions: what have you got that I need? And why should I trust you to deliver?

Maybe you're an entrepreneur pitching for investment. Maybe you're asking your boss to back a project. But maybe you're the tenth pitch they've heard that day. 

You need at least one - maybe two - stories to bring your pitch to life and make it stick in their minds. 


How to use Pitch Perfect

Write a topline version of your idea.

Very Basic Pitch - aka your "Elevator" pitch. But don't ever pitch to someone in the lift, that'd be weird.

  1. What's the problem you're solving for me?
  2. How do you solve it?
  3. Why should I trust you? (try the Innovator as Character tactic here)

Add some POPP to your Pitch. Set out your pitch like a story arc, accentuating the negative and positive stages for maximum drama.

  1. Problem: what needs fixing right now (negative)
  2. Opportunity: also available to us now (positive)
  3. Practical Steps: if we do this, it won't be easy (negative)
  4. Promise: but if we get it right, it will be great (positive)

You can keep POPP to four basic stages, or repeat the Practical Steps/Promise stages up to three times, but always take us on a rollercoaster ride.

🤔 Confused? Enlightened?

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- Charles & Steve.

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