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Trust Me, I'm an Expert

From Episode 2 of the weekly Storyteller Tactics episodes

Each week we release an episode containing two tactics from the up and coming Storyteller Tactics card deck.

Each episode shows you how our characters use the power of story to overcome challenges (and how they also help us write their narratives!)

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What is the Trust Me, I’m an Expert story tactic?

You are The Expert. You need people to trust your judgement. Character and values matter more than facts.

Imagine you're an expert immunologist. You have all the facts to show why vaccination is a good idea. Then we find out you haven't had your own kids vaccinated.

Should we believe a word you say? Your facts haven't changed, but your actions let you down. In this story, you don't live up to the values we expect from the 'character' of The Expert.

ℹ️ Remember: story is everywhere.

When you tell stories, people pay attention, and most importantly - stories are never forgotten. 

The opportunities for using Storyteller Tactics in your work are endless. From emails, pitches, job interviews, or show and tells.

There's no right or wrong way to use them. Experiment and play. You'll find what works best for you.

How to use this tactic

Let's explore your values as the Expert Innovator. See how many answers you can come up with for these questions:

  1. What matters more than money? Which parts of this project would you work on even if you weren't getting paid?
  2. What kind of projects would you never work on, no matter how much you were paid? What kind of work would you be embarrassed to share with people you respect?
  3. When have you done the right thing, even though it cost you time, money or reputation?
  4. Imagine you are retiring. Look back over your work and pick out the moments you are most proud of.
  5. Imagine this project fails. Write an obituary that includes the line "at least we..." For example, the boss of Kodak might say "our company failed, but at least we gave people millions of memories."
  6. What have you sacrificed for the greater good?
  7. What values do you share with your client or user? What would they admire you for taking a stand on/against?

Pick out the values you feel most proud of. Now tell a story that shows these values IN ACTION! Use the Movie Time tactic [coming soon] to help.

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