Trust Me, I’m an Expert

Trust Me, I’m an Expert

What is the Trust Me, I’m an Expert story tactic?

Win my trust. Tell me a story that shows your character and values in action.

Imagine you're an expert immunologist. You have all the facts to show why vaccination is a good idea. Then we find out you haven't had your own kids vaccinated. Should we believe a word you say? Your facts haven't changed, but your actions let you down. You haven't lived up to the values we expect from the character of The Expert.

Try this tactic to develop your own "expert" story ahead of Pitch Perfect .

How to use the Trust Me, I’m an Expert story tactic

What kind of Expert are you? What are your values? Tell us a story so we can see your character in action.

  1. What matters more than money? Which parts of your project would you work on even if you weren't getting paid?

  2. What kind of projects would you never work on, no matter how much you were paid? What kind of work would you be embarrassed to share with people you respect?

  3. When have you done the right thing, even though it cost you time, money or reputation?

  4. Imagine your project fails. Write an obituary that includes the line "at least we ... " For example, the boss of Kodak might say "our company failed, but at least we gave people millions of memories."

  5. What have you sacrificed for the greater good?

  6. What values do you share with your client or user? When have you actually done something (not just posted a "like" on Facebook) that they would admire?

Use Movie Time or What’s It About tactic to help.

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