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What is the Boss Mode card?

Keep activities and processes feeling fresh with
next-level tips and provocations.

Feeling comfortable generating ideas? Then it might be time to push things a little further. We’re talking music, movement, and a bit of calculated mess.

How to use the Boss Mode card

Be a workshop DJ

Music can totally change the atmosphere. Music with lyrics is best avoided, but you can play with tempos and moods to help people enter different headspaces. Check everyone’s OK with this first.

Encourage movement

We spend a lot of time glued to our chairs. Where mobility and locations allow, get people moving every so often (especially if you’re remote). Try including a short stroll in your next agenda. Don’t rule out a drum circle.

Let go of linearity

The Idea Tactics process is yours to remix. For example:
• Start with an anything-goes Diverge activity

• Look for interesting opportunities implied by the ideas you’ve just come up with

• Then do all five Frame activities in a row

Make space for incubation

Sometimes the best thing you can do is walk away. Try scheduling Diverge and Refine activities a day (or a week) apart. Separate the Review stage from the idea generation stages.

Do more silly stuff

All the methods in this deck have a purpose, but don’t feel guilty for “messing around” or going off-piste; sometimes it’s the most seemingly frivolous things that spark the most astonishing thoughts. Try not having a plan once in a while. Make friends with chaos.

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