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What is the Facilitation Tips card?

Create the right atmosphere for free thinking, expression, and collaboration.

The art of facilitation goes deeper than simply deciding which activities to run. Great facilitators energise people when everything feels flat. They’re midwives to newborn ideas, providing the safety and nourishment they need to develop.

Every workshop is a chance to practise the principles on this card. There’s no one right way to facilitate, though – half the fun is developing your own style.

How to use the Facilitation Tips card

Enlist a co-facilitator
Find someone to help keep things running on time and theme/cluster ideas as you go. You’ll be more present.

Plan timings generously
Suggested timings are provided with each tactic in this deck, but you should always build in some extra buffers.

Prioritise psychological safety
People can’t be creative if they’re scared of being judged. Prepare them to share their weirdest ideas with tactics like Mind-Body Dissonance.

Model the behaviours you want to see
Offer half-formed or bizarre ideas so people know that’s OK. Applaud and build on ideas as they’re shared. Listen attentively to everyone, and ask interested, curious questions. Ask “what else?” to keep ideas flowing.

Use breaks intentionally

Breaks aren’t just a chance for snacks, hydration and bladder-emptying – they’re also a tool for creating a sense of transition. Try scheduling Diverge activities in the morning, and Refine activities after lunch.

Get serious about play
Sometimes it feels like you’re not supposed to have too much fun at work. For surgeons that might be true; for most of us it’s nonsense. Welcome laughter, joy and goofiness, and keep people energised with Prime activities.

Don’t forget recovery time
Pay attention to your own physical and emotional needs and schedule some time to recharge.

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