PPP #10: Do things on purpose, success paradox, abandon goals.

PPP #10: Do things on purpose, success paradox, abandon goals.
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Strategy is doing things on purpose.

If you are doing something and you don’t know why (i.e. copying what others are doing), it’s likely you aren't following a strategy.

Next time you make a decision - ask how it’s gets you to your endgame.

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Being Human

Paradox of Success.

Paradoxically, to achieve success you must do things for their own sake. Not for the sake of success.

Lewis Hamilton became the all-time greatest racing driver from the love it. Not from the desire to be the all-time greatest racing driver.

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Abandon your goals.

Where attempts are made to realize creativity through ambition alone, not much is achieved.

Ambition has a sterilizing effect on creativity ... to be creative for reasons of ambition will not work.

It requires love ...

—Marie-Louise von Franz.

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