PPP #27: Don't be perfect

PPP #27: Don't be perfect
Pip’s Practical Prompts Newsletter
Sent by Charles Burdett


Don't be perfect.

Consistency is the secret sauce to success.

Don't be a perfectionist.

Get out there and create.

Your talent will naturally grow the longer you can be consistent.

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How to delegate

Don't know which tasks to delegate? Ask these questions:

  • Can I train someone? 

  • Can it be broken down into smaller tasks that others can help with?

  • Is there someone who'd benefit from this as a development opportunity? 

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Assumptions are B.S.

Hypotheses > assumptions.

Hypotheses are theories created as a starting point for further investigation.

Assumptions are things that you believe are true without proof.

Don't rely on assumptions. Create a hypothesis and investigate. If it's wrong, adapt.

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