PPP: #94 Beware the Complexity Bias

PPP: #94 Beware the Complexity Bias
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Beware the Complexity Bias

The Complexity Bias makes us think that our problems require complex solutions.

But very often, you can save time and resources by simplifying your tasks.

Think of the fewest steps you could take to accomplish a task.

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The important questions

Finding out what you really want in life can be difficult.

But you don’t need to meditate in the mountains for a year to do it.

Just try to finish these sentences:

I feel a surge of strength when…

I want to contribute to the world by…

My friends often ask me to…

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Ditch the duct tape

Is there any duct taping going on in your projects?

The term means constantly fixing something without addressing the underlying issue - and it can cause you to waste a lot of money and time.

Identify the fires your team has to put out - and see if they can be prevented by doing something differently.

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