PPP #78: The curse of knowledge

PPP #78: The curse of knowledge
Pip’s Practical Prompts Newsletter
Sent by Charles Burdett

Story Structure

Good vs Evil

Not all of your stories will be as simple as Good vs Evil.

Real-life stories are both complex and engaging. They include clashes between two Goods or having to choose the lesser Evil.

Understand the moral conflict you face and use it to captivate your audience.

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Story Wisdom

Share your failures

Sweeping your mistakes under the rug may be tempting.

But the truth is that failures can make great stories — if you learn from them.

Ask yourself, “what could we do differently next time?” and share your wisdom with others.

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Telling Stories

The curse of knowledge

Your work is only as good as you are at explaining it to others.

The more absorbed you become in your idea, the harder it can get to answer simple questions.

Next time you need an elevator pitch, consider presenting your work in terms of the change it brings.

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