PPP #77: Predict the future

PPP #77: Predict the future
Pip’s Practical Prompts Newsletter
Sent by Charles Burdett


Demonstrate your impact

Your team needs to feel valued.

Let them know how they contribute to the overall goals by measuring impact and monitoring progress over time.

Focus on good communication by scheduling regular updates and letting your team know their efforts are meaningful.

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Predict the future

The best way to predict your team’s future behaviour is by looking at their past behaviours.

Gain clarity on your team’s steps and decisions to accomplish a specific task.

Learn what works for your team and what doesn’t so you can improve for the future.

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Two pizzas

Knowing what everyone’s up to improves collaboration and team culture. But it is a time-consuming task for big teams.

Improve communication by breaking them down into smaller groups.

"You should be able to feed an internal team with two pizzas" - Jeff Bezos

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