PPP #33: The 5 minute challenge

PPP #33: The 5 minute challenge
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Message matters 

Know what you want to say with your story.

A clear message gives your story focus — it helps you decide what is essential and what isn't.

But don't worry if your audience walks away with a different message.

The best stories can be interpreted in many ways. 

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Transparent visions

To inspire and motivate your team, you must ensure they understand your vision.

Set clear expectations and objectives for the team as soon as possible.

When goals are clearly set, everyone can track progress and tangibly identify achievements

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The 5 minute challenge


STARTING a task is often the most challenging part.

Try the 5 minute challenge: Commit to spending just 5 minutes working on it.

When those 5 minutes are up, you can walk away.

But once you've started, you'll probably find it hard to stop!  

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