Become a Customer Affiliate

As a customer affiliate, you can earn commission while giving your friends and co-workers exclusive discounts on their purchases! All you need to do is sign up and share your exclusive Pip Decks customer discount code!

How does it work?

📝 Sign up below

If you haven't been given a discount code, you can sign up to get one with the form at the bottom of this page.

🫶 Share your discount code 

With your exclusive discount code, your friends and co-workers can get a 15% off their order! 

💰 Earn commission & unlock rewards

With every purchase that uses your discount code, you'll receive commission! As more people use your discount code, the more rewards (and higher commission) you'll unlock! See below for the full reward structure. 

Reward Structure

You can work your way through our affiliate tiers, unlocking bonus rewards as well as commission:

5 referrals = A free Pip Deck of your choice

10 referrals = 15% commission on future sales

15 referrals = 20% commission on future sales

25 referrals = 25% commission on future sales

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