Team Tactics: the best team management workshops in a box

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Ditch chaotic mess. Design great teams.

Team Tactics is a card deck of 54 team management and leadership tactics that help you design, grow and nurture effective teams. Written by team management consultant, Dave Cunningham.

Designed to guide you through the designing and managing teams over the long-term. It takes you from designing a safe environment to work in, right through to how to effectively recognise team members. Giving your people purpose, autonomy, and mastery of their craft.

Team Tactics is used by managers to lead product teams. It’s used by designers to lead design teams. And it’s used by coaches and consultants to level up team management practices in global organisations.

In the Team Tactics Pip Deck, you’ll find: team rituals, retrospective workshops, vision and goal setting, one-to-one sessions, coaching techniques, team health monitoring, effective inter-team communication, stakeholder management and much more.

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Team Strategy System

Have you defined the roles and environment for your team?

Does your team know its direction

Does your team have the support it needs?

Are you able to measure your team’s health?

Are you helping your team work better together?

Do your team know how to share their work clearly?


Recipe Recipe

Ideas can change the world. See which problems you can solve by combining different Idea Tactics.

Environment Environment

Get into the teamwork mindset so you are all setting off together.

Direction Direction

Show teams where they need to get to by working out a clear vision, values and principles to get there.

Support Support

Make sure your team doesn’t get lost along the way by giving them the support they need to succeed.

Diverge Health

Monitor how your teams are doing so you can see clearly when your help is needed the most.

Collaborate Collaborate

Encourage your team to work together to help them design better teams, products and services.

Communicate Communicate

Encourage people to talk about their work, sharing it early and with clarity to help foster trust.

Recognition Recognition

Reward and recognise your teams, efforts to foster a culture of appreciation.