Goal, Signal, Metric

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What is the Goal, Signal, Metric card?

Let your team know the impact they are having.

People naturally need to feel valued, they need to know they are contributing to the overall goals.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” – Peter Drucker

How to use the Goal, Signal, Metric card

Start by looking at what your company currently measures. Use Get Buy In to work out how, why and who measures what.

1. Define your goal using Team Strategy, and write it down concisely for everyone to see.

For example: improve accessibility of our product page.

2. Discuss which Signals would show that you are going in the right direction. Write them down,
Theme Sort and Private Vote.

For example: people with various access needs in usability sessions can buy our products.

3. Considering your goals and signals, what Metrics could you set that would mean you’ve reached your goal?

For example: product page conversation rate increases by 10%.

4. Keep track of your Goals, Signals and Metrics over time, put them in a shared space where the entire team can see them.

Tip: Share results regularly and widely using Agile Comms, Lean Presentations and Lean Updates.

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