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What is the Get Buy In card?

Talk to individuals first, involve them deeply in the problem, then get buy in.

People are more likely to support and value things they have helped create (aka “the IKEA effect”). When you do that big presentation to change the world, there should be very little that the people listening haven’t heard before in some form.

How to use the Get Buy card

You spend weeks creating a deck, then present it to your stakeholders only to find there is a slim chance of getting buy in. Instead do this:

1. As a team, identify the people you need to influence:

• Who are the decision makers?
• Who are the people who’ll implement the changes?
• Who will be affected by these changes?

2. Arrange one-to-one meetings with them. Use
Research Questions to get to know their concerns about your plans. Use Theme Sort to examine common concerns.

3. Address concerns directly when you do your big presentation. Use Lean Presentations to make it memorable.

• People don’t like being put on the spot, especially if a decision needs to be made. Use Agile Comms to share often and Communication Matrix to be intentional in your communications.
• People like to feel informed and to feel smart, so help them out.
• Addressing common concerns makes people feel heard and
respected. Use Circle of Influence to dig into the thing you can change.

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