Lean Updates

Lean Updates - Pip Decks

What is the Lean Updates card?

Discuss what matters across your different teams and disciplines without it becoming a chore or slowing you down.

Fostering a culture of sharing regularly can be tough, but it’s vitally important to create efficient, motivated teams. By sharing bite-sized updates in an open forum, you encourage everyone to contribute in a way that becomes habitual. And over time you can look back at the progress you’ve all made.

How to use the Lean Updates card

1. Create a table with the following information:

Lean Updates Table - Pip Decks

2. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Ask people to update the first three columns next to their name.

3. Give people another 5 minutes to read through everyone’s answers. Ask the group to write any questions they have in the fourth column.

Is somebody in my team working on this? Do I have information that may not be known? Is there anybody else who should know about this?

4. Go through the questions together as a group. Do a Who, What, When for any actions.

5. Use Agile Comms or Lean Presentations to share any updates which need to go further.


• Use a new tab for each week with the name DD/MM/YY.

• Add a tab to describe each team’s focus.

• Use this to help onboard new starters.

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