Maker Time

Maker Time - Pip Decks

What is the Maker Time card?

Help your team spend time practicing their craft.

A single meeting can disrupt a whole afternoon. Get deeper work done by committing to a Maker’s Schedule.

How to use the Maker Time card

1. In a group setting, ask each person to look at their calendar and find a typical 4-week block that is representative of their working life.

2. Add the number of hours you'd spend ‘practising your craft’ in a typical week to a grid, as shown below. Round up or down to the nearest hour.

Maker Time Table - Pip Decks

3. Discuss your week with the group.
Are there any patterns? When are the most and least productive times?

4. Add up your total hours per week and calculate the percentage of maker time for the group.

5. Set OKRs on the maker time percentage you’d like to achieve. Consider doing a Ritual Reset to clear calendar space.

Tip: calculate what the cost savings would be on recruitment if your team achieved the maker time percentage.

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