Lean Wardley Mapping

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What is the Lean Wardley Mapping card?

Evolve your team’s practice by finding the most valuable parts to focus working on.

Make a list of the parts that enable your team to function, then identify if they are fragile or robust to reveal high-value areas of opportunity to evolve your team.

“Crossing the river by feeling the stones.” – Deng Xiaoping.

How to use the Lean Wardley Mapping card

1. List out: 1 user, 1 need and 3 ‒ 5 capabilities:

Capabilities enable a need to be fulfilled.

2. Arrange your list as a value chain. Use arrows to denote “depends on” relationships.

For example: a complete project depends on a project brief, which depends on access to research, etc.

3. Plot each element of your value chain in one of the four stages of evolution that make sense to you.

4. Choose a part (e.g. access to research) you’d like to evolve. Use Force Field Analysis to assess the size of the challenge.

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