Force Field Analysis

Force Field Analysis - Pip Decks

What is the Force Field Analysis card?

Make balanced decisions together by ranking the fors and againsts.

Have you ever made a pros and cons list? Then you’ll know that some pros or cons have a lot more influence on the decision than others. Even seemingly simple decisions can soon become complicated. You need a system to facilitate the conversation, unearth perspectives, and make decisions together.

How to use the Force Field Analysis card

1. Draw out this diagram without the arrows (we’ll add those in with the team).

Force Field Analysis Diagram - Pip Decks

2. Write down your goal or change in the middle box.

3. Individually list the forces for change and Theme Sort.

Consider: who will support the change? What business benefit will this change deliver? What is the motivation for this change? Examples: Amir is free on Fridays to lead this; it will save £xx; we have a high attrition rate.

4. List all the forces against change and Theme Sort.

Consider: who will do it? What other work do we have in progress? How long will this take? Examples: we don’t have enough people to prioritise this; Project X is starting soon; it will cost £xx; Isla has tried this before and doesn’t think it can work.

5. Score and add up the fors and then the againsts.

6. Discuss the scores and decide whether to move forward with the change. Use Who, What, When to go forward. If you need a new team, use Team Circles to help form it.

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