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What is the Accountability Dial card?

Hold your team to account without falling into the micromanagement trap.

Accountability often isn’t upheld because it feels confrontational. You can turn the accountability dial up and down depending on the situation. Serious issues may need ‘The Conversation’, or even ‘The Limit’. But for many things, a few focused ‘Mentions’ will do the job.

How to use the Accountability Dial card

1. The Mention: give Immediate and short feedback say what you see. Make sure everything’s okay.

“I noticed [observation about your work]... how is it going?”

2. The Invitation: build awareness with an informal chat.

“I’ve mentioned [behaviours] to you a few times now... how is this happening?”

3. The Conversation: place urgency on the problem and the importance of dealing with it.

“[Observations/behaviours] are impacting the team... We need to talk about how to sort this out together.”

4. The Boundary: give clear consequences for not dealing with the problem.

“If [observations] don’t change, we may have to [possible consequences].”

5. The Limit: give one last chance to improve.
“This is your final warning. Let me be clear...”

Tip: check in on the Health Monitor and ensure One-to-Ones happen. Encourage people to Say What You Mean.

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