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What is the Health Monitor card?

Keep track of your teams’ health to learn when and where they need support.

Research by Oxford University shows happy workers are 13% more productive. Measuring the little things that keep your team happy helps you discover patterns over time. It helps you fix what you can control, and mitigate risk on what you can’t.

Run your health checks in person or using a survey:


How to use the Health Monitor card

1. Ask your team to rate each question using a traffic light system of red, amber and green:


• I feel safe sharing my thoughts
• I know what is expected of me
• I can make decisions on my own
• I’m delivering value
• I’m learning and growing

My Team

• I feel listened to
• I get support when I need it
• Responsibilities are clear
• We work at a good speed
• It’s fun to work with the team
• We communicate well

The Work

• The vision for our work is clear
• We have a clear, shareable roadmap
• We get stuff done without delays
• Our work is delivering value
• We focus on our customers’ needs
• Workflows are understandable and shared
• We’re proud of the quality of our work

2. Review the results, paying attention to the reds. What is causing them to be red? Has something changed?

3. Use Research Questions to explore areas to improve. Use Who, What, When to ensure issues are acted upon.

4. Follow up by discussing issues in your Community of Practice.

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