Bring Alignment

Bring Alignment - Pip Decks

What is an Bring Alignment session?

Connect the dots from vision to execution.

Save time and energy by making sure everyone knows what they’re supposed to be doing and why.

“When in doubt, check if your actions are aligned with your purpose.” – Azim Jamal

How do you run the Bring Alignment session?

Use the following sequence of tactics:

1. Design Vision

Design Vision - Pip Decks

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Create a shared design vision that inspires.

2. Team Values

Design Values - Pip Decks

Instil values that help you achieve your vision.

3. Team Strategy

Team Strategy - Pip Decks

Help your team make decisions and give purpose and the autonomy needed to get stuff done.

4. Design Principles

Design Principles - Pip Decks

Empower your team to make design decisions in their everyday work.

5. Decision Stack

Decision Stack - Pip Decks

Connect the dots from vision to execution.

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