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What is the Decision Stack card?

Connect the dots from vision to execution.

Where are you going? How will you get there?
Use this framework to help you tell the world about your team’s intentions. By identifying gaps in your strategy, you can create alignment and give your team guided autonomy to do their best work.

How to use the Decision Stack card

1. Gather the vision, strategy, principles and objectives from around your business.

2. Sketch out the frame of the Decision Stack and fill in any gaps you can.

3. Discuss each section using these prompts:

Vision (Where we are going) Is it customer centric? Concise and clear? Does it set an audacious goal? Does it avoid detail?

Strategy (How we get there) Is it based on current reality? Does it tackle challenges? Does it outline values to your customers? Include coherent actions? Emphasises focus over compromise?

Objectives (Our measurable steps) Are they qualitative and inspirational? Time bound? Actionable?

Opportunities (The best bets) Are these your riskiest assumptions? Will they bring the most impact?

Principles (Help make design decisions) Do they allow you to make decisions? Do they describe how you want to build your product? Are they specific to your company

4. Decide who to share your Decision Stack with using Communication Matrix.

Tip: It’s okay to have Decision Stacks for different teams, although ultimately they should be aligned.

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