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What is the Retros card?

Look back on successes and failures in order to learn and improve for next time.

Retros are a staple of productive teams. Normally conducted every fortnight, it’s a chance to look back and reflect on what’s gone well and what hasn’t – and what can be done about it.

How to use the Retros card

1. If you’ve run a Retrospective previously, quickly revisit the themes and actions from last time to build a sense of continuity.

2. Talk the team through the retro exercise you’ve chose to run. For example:

• What went well? What didn’t? What can we improve?
• Loved, Loathed, Longed for, Learned.
• Start, Stop, Continue.
• Mad, Sad, Glad.
• Keep, Add, More, Less.

3. On sticky notes, ask each person to spend five minutes writing answers to the first question.

4. In turn, have each person post their sticky notes in the first column and briefly talk through each one.
Theme Sort as you go.

5. Prioritise the top three using Private Vote.

6. Discuss these in more detail and use Who, What, When to capture actions.

• Be considerate – don’t make it personal, don’t take it personally.
• Listen with an open mind – everyone’s experience is valid.
• Set the time period you’re discussing (last sprint, last quarter, entire project, etc.).
• Focus on improvement, rather than placing blame.
• Pay attention to change. If nothing is changing, do a Retro on your Retros.

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