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What is the Productivity Blueprint card?

Spend more time on high-value work and identify inefficiencies and opportunities to improve workflow.

Are your team spending an obscene amount of time trying to recruit people for usability sessions? Or constantly changing the shade of blue that is used? Inefficiencies naturally creep in over time. Help bring visibility and attention to prevent frustrations.

How to use the Productivity Blueprint card

1. Find a large surface and mark out space for four rows. Pick a common workflow such as ‘Create a new product feature’ or ‘Update an existing web page’.

2. Tasks: write the steps your team takes in a typical scenario. For example: read project brief, attend a kick off meeting, attend research session.

3. People: On the second row, write the job titles of the people involved. For example: user researcher, delivery manager, product owner.

4. Tools: on the third row, write which tools are used for each step. For example: Outlook, Miro, Figma.

5. Ideas: review the map with the group and identify opportunities to improve parts of the workflow. Capture these ideas on the bottom row.

6. Action: dig into a task you want to improve with
Task Modelling then Force Field Analysis.

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