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What is the Team Charter card?

Set your ground rules to bond the team and build a shared understanding and commitment.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
- Helen Keller.

How to use the Team Charter card

1. Draw the following on a large surface:

2. As a team fill out the form as such:

People and Roles: the names and the roles of the team.

Purpose: the why behind your goals (Start With Why).

Goals: the goals for the whole team (Team Strategy).

Personal Goals: the goals of individuals in the team.

Values: the core values that you share (Team Values).

Needs & Expectations: the needs and expectations from the team.

Rules & Activities: how you are going to communicate, make decisions, execute and give feedback (Ritual Reset).

Strengths & Assets: things that will move you forward.

Weaknesses & Risks: things that will stop you.

3. Review and revise every three months. Try doing a Retro on your team charter to see if it’s helping.

Tip: share your team charters in an open space to encourage people outside of the team to learn more about you.

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