Inclusive Meeting Playbook

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What is the Inclusive Meeting Playbook card?

Make people feel part of their meetings.

Meetings are important for sharing ideas and discussing decisions. Yet power dynamics often get in the way, and people don’t speak up. Help attendees feel safe and confident to contribute in their next meeting.

How to use the Inclusive Meeting Playbook

1. Get together with the people who you regularly have meetings with.

2. Ask half the people to write down their tips to allow these positive behaviours. The other half write down what stops these behaviours:

• How can we set clear expectations for meetings?

• How can we ensure everyone has the opportunity to contribute?

• How can we ensure people ask questions on clarity and understanding?

• How can we cater for people who may have no prior knowledge?

• How can we respect people’s time?

3. Theme Sort the answers to the questions. Discuss the answers and question if anything is missing.

4. Write a summary for each answer using a title and bullet points for each. Be sure to Write in Plain English.

5. Make posters to do a Lean Presentation. Add a link to each invite and encourage people to speak up and Say What you Mean if guidelines are broken.

6. Decide who to share your inclusive playbook with using Communication Matrix.

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