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What is the Design Maturity card?

Understand what your team’s design maturity level is today, and where you want to go in the short and long-term.

Research shows the best design performers increase their revenue and shareholder returns at nearly twice the rate of their industry counterparts. Remember that the people aren’t being assessed for maturity; the organisation is.

How to use the Design Maturity card

Identify which of the four stages your team is at and try the suggested tactics to help you level-up to the next stage. Be sure to Get Buy In from the people who can help or hinder you.

Stage 1: non-design
Things are produced by people who aren’t experienced designers.

• Show real people using the service or product. Use Lean Presentation to tell the story.
• Use Research Questions to assess their current understanding of design.
Build Psychological Safety within your immediate team.

Stage 2: design as styling
Design is about aesthetic. It is given to a designer to make something look nice at the end.

• Run Become Dependable to help set up the teams ways of working.

Stage 3: design as process
Solutions are driven by customer-centric problems and collaboration from multiple teams.

• Be intentional with where the team are going by running a
Bring Alignment session.

Stage 4: design as strategy
Design is embraced and plays a part in shaping the overall business concept and future vision of the company.

Show Impact and work in the open using Agile Comms.

Set clear goals using Goal, Signal, Metric. Review quarterly using a Retro to check your progress.

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