Build Psychological Safety

Build Psychological Safety - Pip Decks

What is an Build Psychological Safety Session?

Empower your team to take risks without feeling insecure or embarrassed.

The highest performing teams have one thing in common: psychological safety – the belief that you won’t be punished when you make a mistake.

“There’s no team without trust” – Paul Santagata

How do you run the Build Psychological Safety Session?

Use the following sequence of tactics:

1. One-to-One

One-to-One - Pip Decks

Get to know your team members’ individual needs.

2. My User Manual

My User Manual - Pip Decks

Learn how the individuals in your team work best.

3. Community of Practice

Community of Practice - Pip Decks

Create a safe space for like-minded people.

4. Inclusive Meeting Playbook

Inclusive Meeting Playbook - Pip Decks

Make people feel part of their meetings.

5. Daily Sharing

Daily Sharing - Pip Decks

Create a culture of sharing early and often.

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