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What is the Community of Practice card?

Break down silos by creating a safe space for people who share a common interest and passion.

Solve problems, promote best practices, and develop people’s skills while retaining talent. The primary output is knowledge created through connecting people with similar interests. Communities are usually formed by discipline, such as Content Design, Engineering, Delivery, etc.

How to use the Community of Practice card

Setting up your community:

1. Clarify who the community is for; boundaries help people feel safe. Use Lean Survey to discover people’s needs.

2. Get Buy In from teams/managers who could otherwise prevent people from coming.

3. Find a regular time for people to get together; often every one or two weeks works well.

4. Start by sharing personal or work stories.

5. Enable opportunities for people to learn new skills, build trust and support each other.

6. Learn what works and what doesn’t, adapt and iterate.

7. Keep going! Some weeks you’ll get only a few people and others lots; it takes time to establish.

Keep it running:

1. Create a shared space to collaborate in Miro/Mural.

2. Invite other disciplines, and use a shared space to store your Community of Practices outputs.

3. Set a direction using Team Strategy.

4. Use Agile Comms to promote your community.

5. Do a Lean Presentation in an all-team meeting.

Tip: remind people to think of themselves as creative people. Get away from work and go to an art gallery or a museum.

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