The Lean Survey

The Lean Survey - Pip Decks

What is the The Lean Survey card?

Get answers in numbers to help you make decisions.

Understand together why you need “another survey”. Make sure you get the data you need by having a clear focus. Before you send your survey, think about how people’s answers to your questions affect your ability to make a decision. For example, if 70% of people say “yes” to a question, does that help the team?”

How to use The Lean Survey card

1. Draw the following on a large surface:

Lean Survey Table - Pip Decks

2. Write the most critical things you’d like to learn in
box 1. For example, “which design tool do people use the most?”

3. Discuss and fill in boxes 2 to 5 in your group.
For example, 2: “Our interaction designers”, 3: “Email list”, 4: “Survey last week”,

5: “We’ll chose one tool to use if 70% of the team are using it.”

4. Ask the group to write questions and Theme Sort.

5. Discuss each question. Does it help answer your critical questions?

6. Write your agreed questions in boxes a to g. Aim for a maximum of seven, any more could decrease completion rate.

7. Your invite/intro should include why you need the information and what you do with it.

8. Before sending – test your survey in person to see if people understand your questions.

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