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What is the Team Modelling card?

Model your teams on customer experience. Help remove the silos that lead to poor services and products.

Your team has spent weeks designing a new product page. Your customers love it, you predict a 50% increase in sales. Meanwhile, the engineering team has increased performance, but have removed a few features. The freshly designed page will now cost way too much to develop. If only your teams were set up to collaborate as standard, this would never have happened!

How to use the Team Modelling card

1. Look at the Top Tasks your customers or team have.

2. Discuss how you can group the tasks by user. For example, a user searching for a product could be a buyer. Somebody adding a product to the site could be a seller.

3. Go through each task and map it to the ‘experience’ it affects, like so:

4. Review your map and iterate it until you feel confident you have all the customer journeys covered.

5. Use the types of user experiences (Buyer, Seller etc.) to form Team Circles.

Tip: look for projects/areas that encourage cross-discipline collaboration like Design System work (Designer, Developers, Content Designers, User Researchers). This can help break down silos.


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