Appreciation Playbook

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What is the Appreciation Playbook card?

Be consistent in letting people know their efforts are recognised and valued.

Regularly giving appreciation supports people’s wellbeing and mental health. Yet most companies fail to do it.

“68% of employees haven’t received any form of recognition for good work in the last year.” – Gallup, 2016.

How to use the Appreciation Playbook card

1. As a group, write down all the triggers for recognition.

For example: a promotion, helping out another team, doing a presentation, sharing a failure, etc.

2. Think about ways to give recognition. Consider both public and private spaces for appreciation.

• In public – a shout out on social media, in a newsletter, doing a Team Appreciation workshop, kudos channel.

• In private – a handwritten note, send a gift, a thank you call.

3. Write as many as you can think of and group them together using Theme Sort.

4. Discuss each item and plot on an Impact Effort Map for the items in ‘do now’. Add to your
Communication Matrix.

Tips: build a business case. Monitor your Attrition Rate and Health Monitor by capturing improvement over time.

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