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What is the Team Appreciation card?

Put a smile on everyone’s face by sharing good vibes.

Employees in a recognition-focused organisation are five times more likely to feel valued, six times more likely to invest in the company, seven times more likely to stay, and 11 times more likely to feel completely satisfied. Wow! – Gallup, 2016.

“Even in the chaos of everyday life, moments of gratitude remind us to hold on to the good things.” – Brit Morin

How to use the Team Appreciation card

1. Draw a grid with your Team Values horizontally across the top and the names of each person vertically down the side.

2. Give your people 10 – 20 minutes to add things they appreciate about other people.

• Encourage people to add new columns if the values don’t cover everything.

• Everyone should share appreciation with as many team members as they can.

• Be sure to include people who are new or who don’t have much appreciation.

3. Either ask people to read over their own appreciation or, if you have time, read them all out and give each person a round of applause.

Use Appreciation Playbook to make sure that people’s efforts are recognised. Use Agile Comms to help share the good regularly.

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