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What is the Sphere of Influence card?

Focus your energy and attention where it counts.

Highlight the things that you can influence. As you focus on things within your Sphere of Influence, it will expand.

“I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.” – Dr Stephen R. Covey

How to use the Sphere of Influence card

1. Draw three concentric circles and label them from the outside: Concern, Influence, Control.

Sphere of Concern a range of worries that we cannot yet do anything about

Sphere of Influencethe worries we can directly or indirectly do something about

Sphere of Controlthe worries we can directly do something about

2. Decide on the topic you’d like to focus on and write it at the top of the spheres.

3. Ask the group to write all their areas of concern. Group the areas using Theme Sort.

For example: designers are feeling isolated; an unclear design vision; inconsistent user interface; stakeholders not involved.

4. Discuss each area of concern and consider:
Can we influence this? If so, move it to Influence.
Do we control this? If so, move it to Control.

5. Private Vote to choose an area of focus. It’s better to start small, so change is more likely to happen.

6. Try using Force Field Analysis to dig deeper into the area. Get Buy In can help with influence.

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